Gotta love dumb ass niggas…

I’m not rich.  Far from it.  When I buy things, it’s usually through budgeting.  “Do I have a bill to pay right now?”  “What does my son need?”  “I need bus fare to last me the entire month.”  I can’t just go out and blow hundreds of dollars on things.  Apparently some must think that I am…I’ll get to that shortly.

I love my commute to work.  It’s the only time I’m able to enjoy an iOS device of my choosing…or a portable gaming system.  For under an hour, I get to play my favorite apps, create, share, take pictures, etc.  When I get to work, downtime usually consists of that very same enjoyment.  When I’m on my way home at night, I usually just refer to my iPhone for smaller, more minor things, and become cautious while walking the late night city streets.  For the most part, I’ve been okay.  I’ve usually come home at the latest of hours, rerouting between buses and trains, and hardly ever had to worry about anything.  The neighborhood I currently live in is actually a much better one, compared to where I’ve lived.

Apparently not.  

Thursday night, I had several errands to run, and I decided to pack all my favorite mobile devices, and venture out to not only wrap up my Christmas Shopping, but also take care of a few other things. After returning to the house quickly to change into my winter boots, I headed down a nearby street to go to the bus stop.  As I was walking, I see two guys walking on the opposite side of the street, and dismissed them out of my mind.  I’m glad I wasn’t listening to my iPod.  Seconds later, they’re running up on me, and I immediately go into “attack mode” letting out a startling, yet intense battlecry, while putting up my dukes.  They pass me on both sides, and I hesitate a little, because I wasn’t sure at first what was going on.  Of course they’re to turn around and pursue me by pulling out a handgun, demanding that I give them everything.  I was proceeded to run, but I suddenly realized my fate had I made that decision.  I surrendered everything I had: my wallet, iPhone, iPad, iPad keyboard, PS Vita and all the games that I owned for it (around 12.)  After the incident took place we parted ways and I made way for home to call the police.  I stormed back out the door, with my father-in-law, to see if I could track them down, and failed.  They took off in a vehicle, most likely.  We come back home, 45 minutes later the police come and I feel out a police report.  Blah blah blah, “we’ll call you if we find out anything.”  Almost a waste of time, really, but I did feel a little bit at ease that I talked to them.  Right before the cops wrapped things up, my fiancee comes outside, informing me that my phone popped up on the find my iPhone app.  I now have a location, but they didn’t really seem like they’d be willing to venture out that way, so they arranged for another police officer to check out that area.  Needless to say, I’m still without…and I have to start over.  Right before Christmas, and earlier, my son’s 2nd Birthday.

If I told you that I wasn’t mad, I’d be lying, but it has nothing to do with the things that I lost, with the exception of my wallet.  I’m mad because these are two, young, dumb ass reckless niggas who feel a need to take from someone who’s doing things with his life.  I’m not out there hustling, I’m working a full-time job.  I’m not out there, gangbanging, fucking every chick that walks, or drinking every night or doing drugs.  No…I’m trying to do what I can to help me and my family do better.  

We should all be able to treat ourselves to nice things every once in a while…but because niggas want to hate, they ride bitch to the pistol they’re holding, and take it all away.  For what?  Go out there, get a fucking job, and then you wouldn’t have to be out there trying to take what belongs to anyone.  Fucked up your life?  Not our problem, that’s on you…find a fucking way!!!

To add fuel to the fire, now I gotta hear “why I’d even carry all that shit with me” or “I should’ve left my things here” from people.  Sorry, but I don’t buy mobile devices to sit in the house.  I shouldn’t have to lighten my load because of some street thug.  Take it, take the fucking jacket off my back.  It’s not worth fighting over.  It applies in and out of the house, in and out of regular and public transportation.  The moment we start thinking about the material things, far more than our lives, then we’ve lost total sight of what really matters: Us.

It’s a long road ahead, and unfortunately I have to start from scratch.  From state IDs, to Social Security cards, to new bank cards, etc.  The material shit I’ll worry about later.  Karma’s a bitch…so I hope they get theirs in the end!


Twitter, damn…

Shit, I couldn’t even really tell you the last time I ‘tweeted’ anything.  I should probably do that again…maybe I should take my not-feeling-so-well ass to sleep.  Meh….

Yakuza 4 demo vs. Ryu Ga Gotoku 4 demo

I made a comment on my facebook page the other day about the disappointment I had in the US release of the import hit, simply titled “Yakuza 4.”    I love the series a lot.  It’s the only grip I have on them ever making a game as awesome as Shenmue, one of the most innovative and involved SEGA dreamcast games ever, was for its time.  The Yakuza series IS the Shenmue of the current generation…although it may lack that same burning flame its predecessor had.  But my point isn’t even in all of that.

Let’s get there before my thoughts are set adrift.  Having played the Japanese version of the game’s demo (in Japan the title is Ryu ga Gotoku 4, or Like a Dragon,) you’re given the option of a demo story mode and a battle mode.  It rewards the Japanese gamers with some kind of substance.  At least it gives you an idea of how the game’s story mode will be.  You’re even given a fucking options menu!!!!  For the American crowd, however, they went with just the battle mode, giving you a taste of each character’s (4 in total) fighting style.  While that may be cool to some, it really doesn’t give you a taste of the type of game it is.  Instead it only says that it’s mindless action, and you can pick between 4 guys that do similar, yet different things to take down the bad guys.

Yes, you fight…a lot, but there’s also story, open-world, sandbox travel, and other activities that you can partake in, making this a pretty hefty game to explore.  Sometimes I feel perhaps I’m asking for far too much when it comes to localization.  It also goes without saying that a lot of these developers don’t put much thought into demos, the deciding factor of one’s future purchase.  Maybe I just spoiled myself rotten with the Japanese PSN account.  I see things others aren’t able to, unless they are at all interested and research how they can gain access to overseas awesomeness!  C’mon, SEGA, really?  You couldn’t give us what you gave Japan?  Seriously!  Hell, the 3rd game’s demo was a literal localization (with some exclusions) of the import.  What the fuck happened?

I’ll be honest with you, Yakuza 4 won’t even come close to breaking records.  It may well not even be a day one for the average consumer.  I know I’m buying it; then again, I’m not the average consumer.  Unfortunately, Yakuza 4 will be limited in quantity, and people won’t care until this game is tossed into the bargain bin at your local department store that probably has ‘mart‘ in the name, and will be buried next to a bunch of shitty Wii games, GBA games with 30lbs of dust on them, an XBox (regular) game, and about 40 copies of the first 3 season box sets of the TV series “‘Coach.”  That doesn’t give SEGA a right to just slap some shit together and say, “this will convince people to buy our product.”

C’mon, SEGA…

Starving DJ

I was at Kohl’s the other day, and I was in there looking for those insulated hoodies, the ones where I wouldn’t really need to put on several layers of coats.  Of course I couldn’t have picked a better time to go, when they don’t have shit at all–and what they do have, and what I actually liked a little, was outta my price range.


During my li’l visit there, I found myself just wandering about aimlessly through sections of this place, looking for hoodies, or whatever else they had that would have been cheap.  No dice.  However, I did stumble upon something pretty cool, that I could see myself buying at some point.  Hopefully soon.  It’s one of those DJ set-ups for the computer.  It has two turntable wheels on it, crossfader, standard mixer, cue, scratch button, etc., etc.  I wanted to get something like this for my computer, so I can at least attempt to finally get some mixes together of my own.  I’m kinda getting restless just using Virtual DJ with my mouse and keyboard.

Today is payday, too…but I will have to wait until I have a li’l extra cash…perhaps by then they’ll drop the price.  😉

Pac-Man or Beyond Good and Evil HD?

I’ve been curious about the game Beyond Good and Evil since I first heard about it years ago.  Now XBox Live Marketplace is releasing it tomorrow, and I’m trying to decided whether or not I’ll pick it up.  800MSp, or $10 for those unaware of the exchange rate.

Then for this week only, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is 400MSp, or $5.  That’s half off for one week…my dilemma is, I only have about 900MSp to my name, and can’t decided whether or not I want to do this.  I suppose I can get Pac-Man later, and just get Beyond Good and Evil HD.  Guess it really doesn’t matter.  I got until Saturday to decide.

Besides, I might just find myself not playing THEM either, like all the other poor downloadables I’ve neglected over time.


SMR vs. Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

I remember a day where I didn’t hear about the biggest of tourneys.  I remember the day where the best player was the guy who got the most wins in the room, or the guy who stayed on deck for a nice, long winning streak at the local arcade; ergo, that guy who made you waste quarters just trying to beat him.  I remember being challenged by the computer, and the computer whipping my ass each time I’d raise the star for difficulty…and then I have the difficulty at maximum and I could barely touch the virtual pugilist.

Of course those days I recall are that of the 16-bit console, CPS-1/CPS-2 arcade engine era amongst the 90s.  I was never the best at fighting games…but as time went by, I give thanks to those Street Fighters, Fatal Furies, Mortal Kombats, Killer Instincts and whatever other titles that covered our arcade machines and home consoles for providing me with the fundamentals of the fighting genre.  I’ve become decent enough to win a couple of matches, or run a slight winning streak or two.   I’m not a tournament-style player, just to clear the air.  I only stress this due to the frustrations that newer fighting games have provided me with since those times of yesteryear.  LOL.

Now when it comes to the Vs. series, I knew that I could play those games, but only on a much slower, not so fast paced level.  From X-Men vs Street Fighter to the critically OVERRATED Marvel vs. Capcom 2, I often found myself struggling to carry off a combo or two, or launch my opponent in the air for some aerial rage.  Once you’ve played one, you’ve played them all.  Believe it or not, I’ve actually played a majority…if not all.

Fast forward 10 years and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has arrived.  By this time I’ve revisited past games just to see whether or not I’ll be able to stand my ground against what will become of the current fighting game genre.  In so many words, fuck the past, this is the present.  Don’t get me wrong, the past is what builds your experience just taking on your first team of comic book and video game personalities, but this game’s learning curve welcomes gamers of several levels, beginner to expert.

To make a long-short, this game is pretty easy to learn, but difficult to master; and annoyingly frustrating to play with others online.   I still can’t get my coordination in tact when it comes to executing combos, but I’m a hell of a lot better than I was, just because of the experiences I’ve had with past games, and all the applied learning that came with it.  I’m much faster now…perhaps it’s due to the simplified player controls.  Light, medium and hard attack buttons, and what I’d like to call the “launch button” represent the main face buttons, while the triggers represent calling out partners and other shit.  Compared to Marvel vs. Capcom 2 it feels refreshing, but compared to Marvel vs. Capcom 1, it’s a new fucking world order! :p

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 feels like Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV. Unlike The King Of Fighters XII, where you get nothing but the desire for a refund, you get different game modes to choose from, enough to get you ready for the challenges that await.  Not to mention the future DLC they plan to provide, such as today’s launch of content.  It’s looking mighty bright for Marvel vs. Capcom 3….and I hope that it’s a dedication that provides good news rather than bad.

The character selection isn’t bad, but it isn’t without complaints.  The roster lacks favorites, including the ICONIC Megaman.  Really, Capcom?  I figured for the Blue Bomber to be kinda like your mascot, you sure as hell didn’t include him. (Unless this has something to do with Inafune Keiji-san leaving Capcom, or perhaps he’s coming later as DLC.)  I am sad not to have seen Jin Saotome, from the Cyberbots fame, return from the previous MvC titles.  He was one of my favorite characters to play with.  Oh well, there’s always Viewtiful Joe. 🙂  Other favorites have failed to complete this new roster, such as SonSon, Marrow, Strider Hiryu, Captain Commando, Cable, Psylocke, Amingo, Ruby Heart, blah blah blah, but I’m assuming they had their reasons.  Perhaps these characters wouldn’t have worked all that great with the new formula.  I just started visualizing Captain Commando’s moves list and how he would call out the other members of his Commando team to assist him (I’d imagine that would require too much work to include with MvC3) and I’m assuming since Strider Hiryu is actually a legal property of Moto Kikaku, he wasn’t included.  Whatever the reasons, or excuses may be, it’s all good.

The game shines on gameplay, leaving a lot of what MvC2 had in insanity, carried over to its successor.  Although it has a 3D makeover, the game still delivers what was left behind 10 years ago.  Keep in mind, however, this is, in fact, a fighting game, so it gets old.  After a couple of rounds online, offline, training, and doing missions, you’ll have acquired the four unlockable characters.  After beating the game on whatever difficulties, you’ll have already unlocked character endings, art, etc.   Also, if you were one of the very lucky ones that picked up your collector’s edition for the 2 DLC characters, Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorrath, you get a li’l extra on march 15, while the others with the regular edition, well, pay up bitches, you owe PSN and XBL probably $5, more or less, to get them.

The replay value comes from the online ranked/unranked matches.  You train offline, and take your learnings online.  You’ll fight, and you’ll fight hard…and you’ll get your ass kicked.  If you’re a cocky bastard, you’ll get your ass kicked.  If you’re a novice, you’ll get your ass kicked.  If you’re a cheap tourney player, you’ll stand a chance, and from time to time, you’ll get your ass kicked.  I think that I find it much harder to take ranked matches serious.  Hell, if I can actually get in; due to the fact that  I can barely get a match in at all half of the time; I get my ass kicked so horribly that I want to quit.  Improved netcode my ass!  If I create a lobby, I don’t have to much of a problem playing against others, but those ‘others’ are my friends.  But then I am unable to see what’s going on in the matches I’m not in, but instead be entertained by two player cards moving violently, as I watch life bars underneath those player cards increase and decrease.  That makes waiting for a fight tasteless; often making you want to leave if you don’t have a headset.  About playing friends,  it’s more of a casual experience, than it is being all about trying to take on giants like Daigo or Justin Wong.  You don’t get shit but points to unlock shit from it.  Unless you’re playing ranked matches, then you get to move up in rank–that and your player card shows off your strengths and weaknesses.

Ranked matches make me feel like the opponent’s got nothing but TOURNAMENT on the brain.   Repetition in combos, assists, and special moves usually seem to come out of these types of players.  I guess if it works, good for you…but then it really isn’t all that fun anymore. You get to that point and you’re the hardest pair of balls that don’t need to be kicked anymore, but instead shot off with an elephant gun just to remind you that this is supposed to be fun, not a goddamn massacre.  Then again, I suppose you can’t turn it on or off…so to my fellow tourney players, you’re fucked, but I commend you for your mastery.

I probably didn’t touch on several things about this game, including the $20 strategy guide, thicker than a Snickers, with nothing but valuable info to help you master the games learning curve.  However, some things speak for themselves.  Love it or hate it, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is here to stay, and with upcoming DLC to expand this masterpiece, I only imagine whatever feelings we all have for this game, good or bad, Capcom’s got something in store for each and every one of us!

4.75 out of 5.

It’s Valentine’s Day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, rhythmantics!

What’s on your agenda for this amorous occasion? Whether or not it’s staring at each other with a profound and loving gaze, catching breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, catching a matinee before the masses cash in on your favorite movie spot, or just staying home, just being in the presence of each other or screwing each other’s brains into mush–be safe out there!

Me? I don’t have any plans. I have work, unfortunately. I work for about 12hrs and probably won’t be home ’til late so Valentine’s Day will be over with by then. 😦 Either way, I’ll be home later. I have Tuesday off. It was actually to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but who am I kidding?! I have responsibilities and I don’t want to stick my fiancée with taking care of our son all day and night. I’ll play it at some point of the day/evening. 🙂

Peace. 😉

Rhythm vs. Marvel vs. Capcom 2

About a week ago I told myself that I’d go on and suck it up, and buy the PS3 version of Marvel vs. Capcom 2. I wanted to get in some practice with some of my characters I’ll be playing with on Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Unfortunately I haven’t any good practice partners. Everyone online is playing it like they’re at an EVO tournament.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not horrible at the game, but I’m on a less frantic level of style. I’m not a tournament player. I know that I’m not. Won’t ever be. I want to have fun with fighting games, but it looks as if people got that shit down to a science that I’ve yet to ever translate. So I find myself condemned to the training room to which a virtual dummy takes in all my many attempts of putting cheap honor-less combos together.
What I have learned is that I should look at my selection of characters that I use, and figure out which “assists” work wonders with the flow of battle. I just fought a guy online who spammed the shit outta iceman’s assist, likely projectile type, since it was ice beams all over the place. That shit was really annoying. I’d hate to be annoying. I don’t work with top tier characters. Again, I wish to have fun with what I’m playing, and not be a dick, spamming projectiles and breaking guards like I did something wrong. LMAO!
I’ll make it work somehow.

But when Tuesday rolls around, fuck Marvel vs. Capcom 2. It will be about the anticipated beast called Marvel vs. Capcom 3!!!!!!!!!!

Super Bowl Sunday…

Yay, now I don’t have to worry about hearing shit about football until Madden NFL 2012 comes out.  I didn’t care who won, but I figured it would be Green Bay.  Meh…

Halftime show wasn’t too bad, I like BEP, but I miss the old BEP who was all about hip hop, breakin’ and being original–although they are pretty original compared to many of these acts out there.  I just miss the “Joints and Jams” days.  🙂

I liked some of the commercials I saw, but I think that I might have to go on youtube later and catch up on the ones I missed.  I was most excited about seeing the Thor and Captain America trailer.  The Avengers movie isn’t too far away now…and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.  These Hollywood actors better not get all greedy and bail on these roles, because this is golden shit here!

That’s all I got, really, I’m gonna go and try to get some shut-eye before and pray that my son don’t wake up on us.

G’nite, rhythmantics.


Japanese Import Gaming….

Damn, I remember playing import games a long time ago and just enjoying having some general idea of how to play it. I’ve played all kinds of games, with Super Robot Taisen and Another Century’s Episode amongst all that I’ve played and enjoyed. Heck, I also played Kingdom Hearts 2 from start to finish, highest level, Ultima Weapon, blah blah blah….the Japanese version. But what’s more important is that I could look to the internet for help when I needed it the most. Nowadays I can’t rely, but use what I’ve learned through navigating through menus, and bypassing dialogue.

The internet doesn’t seem to like what I like. And now looking back on some of the things I’ve put time into…well, they were popular games rather than the random, obscure shit that I play now.

I downloaded the game Dangan-Ronpa for the PSP. Something that is text-based, and heavily influenced by storyline. Shit. The character designs and game itself was pretty intriguing but since I don’t truly understand Japanese, I suppose this’ll hit the recycling bin or my archives…never to be touched again. That or I finally need to take those wanted Japanese lessons….

…then again, I think Spanish will have to be first. Sorry Japan, family comes before leisure. 😉

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