Super Bowl Sunday…

Yay, now I don’t have to worry about hearing shit about football until Madden NFL 2012 comes out.  I didn’t care who won, but I figured it would be Green Bay.  Meh…

Halftime show wasn’t too bad, I like BEP, but I miss the old BEP who was all about hip hop, breakin’ and being original–although they are pretty original compared to many of these acts out there.  I just miss the “Joints and Jams” days.  🙂

I liked some of the commercials I saw, but I think that I might have to go on youtube later and catch up on the ones I missed.  I was most excited about seeing the Thor and Captain America trailer.  The Avengers movie isn’t too far away now…and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.  These Hollywood actors better not get all greedy and bail on these roles, because this is golden shit here!

That’s all I got, really, I’m gonna go and try to get some shut-eye before and pray that my son don’t wake up on us.

G’nite, rhythmantics.



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