Pac-Man or Beyond Good and Evil HD?

I’ve been curious about the game Beyond Good and Evil since I first heard about it years ago.  Now XBox Live Marketplace is releasing it tomorrow, and I’m trying to decided whether or not I’ll pick it up.  800MSp, or $10 for those unaware of the exchange rate.

Then for this week only, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is 400MSp, or $5.  That’s half off for one week…my dilemma is, I only have about 900MSp to my name, and can’t decided whether or not I want to do this.  I suppose I can get Pac-Man later, and just get Beyond Good and Evil HD.  Guess it really doesn’t matter.  I got until Saturday to decide.

Besides, I might just find myself not playing THEM either, like all the other poor downloadables I’ve neglected over time.



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