PSP Go stories…

Now that I’ve hacked my PSP Go to do things, I’ve been trying to catch up on what I can play on it. (Fuck you goes out to Crazy Taxi and Power Stone, but I’m not tripping because I can always purchase you and it you’ll both work fine.)

Been trying to get into The 3rd Birthday. Seems like a cool game, although it’s in Japanese. I believe the English version comes out in March–but for the record it’s not that much a learning curve to shoot and kill things. It’s a shooter with RPG elements. Fun, but I can’t really grasp if it’s true to Parasite Eve, for I haven’t played much of the first nor second games. I guess any shooter with a lead female protagonist, that will be cosplayed this coming anime convention deserves some kind of attention, given that it’s part of a pretty popular horror rpg series.

I’m so tired of hearing Square Enix when it comes to games. Now don’t get me wrong, I got nothing but love for the people that provided me with awesome games like Threads of Fate, Einhander and Brave Fencer Musashi…and on the Enix side, Bust A Groove. Unfortunately these days when I hear Square Enix, I have to deal with hearing about another spin-off game that has to do with Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts…with art by Tetsuya Nomura and music by Uematsu.

Bravo, but take a fucking break already.

I’m sure these otaku out there won’t miss your zippers, belts, and oddly shaped weapons. I’m sorry to my fans out there, but these days, Square Enix provides nothing but a cosplay catalog. Perhaps they should partake in such a profession and give us a few years with out an XIII-2, Type-0 (Agito,) Re-coded, Birth by Sleep, Crisis Core rips of a game, rather than pushing it forward and working on the next BIG THING. Like a Kingdom Hearts 3. Get it cracking, Squeenix, maybe you’ll make back all that money you lost wasting our time with your side stories.


The Rhythm is Here!

To make a long-short, SoulMonkeyRhythm is my name, and I’m here to talk about random shit.  Expect a lot of nerd joints from this spot here.  I’m an eclectic gamer, so you’ll be hearing me talk about indie games, imports, and shit you should be playing rather than CALL OF DUTY and other games that share that spotlight.  Expect to hear me have random fangasms about anime, tokusatsu, super sentai and manga and dance music as well.

Either way, expect it to be spoken in the way I choose, so with swear words, insults, and shit that don’t make sense.  Enjoy, my Rhythmantics (that would be you guys, FYI!)

Don’t Stop the Beat, Feel the Rhythm!


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