Japanese Import Gaming….

Damn, I remember playing import games a long time ago and just enjoying having some general idea of how to play it. I’ve played all kinds of games, with Super Robot Taisen and Another Century’s Episode amongst all that I’ve played and enjoyed. Heck, I also played Kingdom Hearts 2 from start to finish, highest level, Ultima Weapon, blah blah blah….the Japanese version. But what’s more important is that I could look to the internet for help when I needed it the most. Nowadays I can’t rely, but use what I’ve learned through navigating through menus, and bypassing dialogue.

The internet doesn’t seem to like what I like. And now looking back on some of the things I’ve put time into…well, they were popular games rather than the random, obscure shit that I play now.

I downloaded the game Dangan-Ronpa for the PSP. Something that is text-based, and heavily influenced by storyline. Shit. The character designs and game itself was pretty intriguing but since I don’t truly understand Japanese, I suppose this’ll hit the recycling bin or my archives…never to be touched again. That or I finally need to take those wanted Japanese lessons….

…then again, I think Spanish will have to be first. Sorry Japan, family comes before leisure. 😉