It’s Valentine’s Day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, rhythmantics!

What’s on your agenda for this amorous occasion? Whether or not it’s staring at each other with a profound and loving gaze, catching breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, catching a matinee before the masses cash in on your favorite movie spot, or just staying home, just being in the presence of each other or screwing each other’s brains into mush–be safe out there!

Me? I don’t have any plans. I have work, unfortunately. I work for about 12hrs and probably won’t be home ’til late so Valentine’s Day will be over with by then. 😦 Either way, I’ll be home later. I have Tuesday off. It was actually to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but who am I kidding?! I have responsibilities and I don’t want to stick my fiancée with taking care of our son all day and night. I’ll play it at some point of the day/evening. 🙂

Peace. 😉